Year 3 Trolls

Mrs A Richards

Class Teacher

Mr D Badger

Class Teacher

With adrenaline pumping from the excitement of leaving your infant years behind and joining the big children, there maybe the fear of harder work and shorter break times.  Year 3 can sometimes feel like you're facing off against the entire  Galactic Empire all by yourself.  But with your newly acquired pencil case and swim bag firmly gripped in your hands, Mr Pritchard and Mrs Thomas will guide you to become confident Junior Jedi Masters.  There are challenges on the way, like learning to be more responsible for yourself and becoming a more independent learner, which all sounds very grown up, however in the Trolls we will do this whilst having fun.  For instance, within the first term of the class you will be one of the very lucky few people in the country to get a chance to have a kiss from a real live fox!  By working together we can hit the hyperdrive and reach Year 4 ready and mature in under 12 parsecs.

Mrs L Sampson

Teaching Assistant